20 Profitable Businesses in 2020


If you’re looking to start 2020 with a new venture, read on. Here are 20 of the most lucrative business for this year along with information on capital.


1. Vending Machines

Capital: P10,000 – 20,000

This business requires minimal supervision except for refilling stocks and machine-maintenance. Purchase several units and station them at schools, hospitals, PUV stations, government offices, and other public spaces.


2. Airbnb

Capital: P20,000 – P100,000

Spruce up an unoccupied condo unit or a room in your house. If you’re located in a tourist-friendly area, the airport, a popular spot for expats or in the middle of the business district, then this business venture will prove quite lucrative.


3. Public Wi-Fi Services

Capital: P5,000 – P15,000

Invest in a commercial Wi-Fi modem which you can then place in public places like bus stations, parks, sheds, malls, and other similar spaces. Rural areas with limited access to mobile date are the ideal locations for this type of business.


4. Food Cart Franchise

Capital: P30,000 – P1M

Franchising is one of the more low-risk and stable business ventures. You won’t have to start from scratch with a concept nor deal with the pain of product development. See: 35 Food Franchise Businesses You Can Start Under P1 Million


5. Online selling

Capital: P5,000 – 50,000

The polularity of online shopping platforms such as Lazada and Shoppe has changed the retail market and has allowed sellers to cast a wider net for customers. Sell your own manufactured products or buy and sell from wholesalers. Your capital will depend on your target products.


6. Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS)

Capital: P600,000 – P1.5M

Buy several units and register as a partner for ride-hailing services like Grab and Angkas. The more units active units you have, the bigger your profits. In addition, TNVS have branched out into other business units like food delivery and concierge services which are also good to consider.


7. Co-working Space

Capital: P300,000 – 700,000

There has been a significant rise in remote workers and outsourced services in the Philippines. Build a space that provides stable Internet, work desks, conference rooms, and a snack bar to capture this growing professional demographic.


8. Photocopy & Offset Print Shop

Capital: P100,000 – P500,000

Purchase commercial-grade offset printers, photocopiers and book binding equipment. There is no shortage of customers near universities, government offices, public markets, and private agencies.


9. RTW

Capital: P5,000 – 100,000

Thanks to direct producers which sell Ready-To-Wear clothing at wholesale prices, starting up your own fashion boutique (like custom T-shirts) can be profitable. Start your own branded merch store and collaborate with designers and artists.


10. Beauty and Nail Salons

Capital: P200,000 – P1,000,000

The best approach is to find a well-known franchise. Here’s a list to get you started. However, if you think there’s an opportunity for your to capture a niche market with your own brand, then it’s worth the investment.


11. Promotional Products/Customized Items

Capital: P300,000 – 500,000

This is for a B2B market. Customize company shirts, mugs, pens, caps, umbrellas, and more. You can also be a supplier for other companies during big events that need giveaways and freebie items.


12. Storage Rental Services

Capital: P300,000 – P700,000

Offer a safe storage space for people and business. Storage services are popular abroad and in the Philippines. Sites like Kahon.PH and StorageSpace.PH offer the same experience to Pinoys too.


13. Self-service Laundromat

Capital: P100,000 – P3M

Because of their convenience, self-service laundromats have started popping up all over the country. Invest in your own machines or buy a franchise like Quicklean.


14. Indoor Plant Business

Capital: P10,000 – P50,000

Ornamental plants are on-trend. Residential and office interior designers have integrated plants into living spaces. Grow and sell ornamental plants from home or scale the business and start big from the get-go. This business, when scaled, can earn you up to 400% profit per plant. Package your plants in unique potters to add value.


15. Scrap Trading

Capital: P100,000 – P500,000

The increase in eco-consciousness makes this business very profitable with a good cause. Starting a junk shop is a great opportunity to convert trash into cash. Earn up to P8,000 per week with just a truckload of scrap metal. Partner with NGOs or your local government.


16. Spa/Massage Services

Capital: P400,000 – P10M

There’s a big demand for this lifestyle business in the Philippines. Start as a home massage service provider or open your own massage spa. Again, there are also tried and tested franchises like Nuat Thai, Spaholics, or Foot for the Gods.


17. Moving Company (Lipat-bahay)

Capital: P300,000 (small truck) – P600,000 (utility van)

You’re catering to a specific need. Join logistics companies or apps such as Lalamove, Mober, and Transportify as a partner driver/operator to widen your reach.


18. Logistics/Trucking/Hauling Services

Capital: P500,000 – P1M

Transport goods across the country. This logistics needs is a high-investment, high-reward business venture worth exploring. Partner with auto dealerships, agribusinesses, furniture manufacturers, and more.


19. Rice Business (Bigasan)

Capital: P50,000 (home-based) – P250,000 (franchise)

You can’t go wrong with the country’s staple food. Filipinos will buy rice regardless of cost adjustments. Rice dealers earn good profit in high-traffic locations (public markets and talipapa) with good storage areas.


20. Water Refilling Station

Capital: P80,000 to P800,000

There’s a steady demand for potable water in homes and commercial places. Earn up to P60,000+ a month with the right location and marketing. Expect to get returns in less than a year.


Need help with capital? Use your existing assets like real estate properties, trucks, cars, and big bikes as collateral. Make #TheSmartMove today!

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