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Posted 2 years ago

Job Summary:

A Branch Manager is responsible for overseeing all operations of a branch. Duties include hiring staff and heading the onboarding and staff training process, building rapport with customers and the community, and implementing strategies to improve productivity and account performance in efforts to achieve the financial targets of the branch.

Job Description:


  • Directs all operational aspects including operations, customer service, human resources, and administration.
  • Evaluates all loan applications and approves or recommends approval for those that are creditworthy.
  • Maintains an acceptable collection performance as required of the branch.
  • Monitors delinquent clients and for endorsement for legal action.
  • Represents the company in all legal cases filed by or against the branch.
  • Coordinates with the proper authorities in the implementation of foreclosure proceedings.
  • Approves the pricing of the acquired assets for disposal to ensure gain on sale and Monitors the losses prior to the selling of ROPOA .

  • Provides and promotes a harmonious work environment in the branch to encourage peak performance by the whole staff.
  • Reviews all required reports submitted by the branch and recommends actions to be taken for items that need to be adjusted, including worthless accounts for write off.
  • Reviews all required reports submitted by the branch and recommends actions to be taken for items that need to be adjusted, including worthless accounts for write off.
  • Supervises the Assistant Branch Manager and all Department Heads, evaluates their performance, recommends salary adjustment and promotion, if needed and justified.
  • Ensures strict adherence with company policies for both administrative and operational aspects.
  • Keeps in confidentiality all records and information related to the company, financial or otherwise.
  • Performs other tasks that may be assigned by his Immediate Superior in case of business need.

  • Hence the pending regularization of employment, herein employee is under probationary and is limited and not authorized to transact with any affiliated banks representing the company.
  • Signs loan and legal documents.


  • Candidate must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management, Commerce, Economics, Finance/Accountancy/Banking or related field.  A licensed Certified Public Accountant will be an advantage.
  • Building from Within: At least 2 years work experience as Assistant Branch Manager in any of First Standard branches.
  • External Hire: At least 5 years of work experience in management, finance, sales or a relevant business role.
  • Proficient in the use of basic applications in a Windows-based environment, including Outlook, Word and Excel. Moderate keyboard skills at 40 WPM and 80% accuracy.
  • Excellent customer experience and problem-solving skills.
  • Effective English communication skills, both oral and written.  Can speak the local dialect and/or Filipino.
  • Action orientated. Should be able to follow up on feedback to ensure positive outcomes.
  • Knowledge and skill of modern office practices, procedures, equipment and standard clerical techniques.
  • Sufficient knowledge of modern management techniques and best practices.  Leadership and human resources management skills.
  • Efficient facilitation skills. Should be able to facilitate group discussions.
  • Ability to meet department metrics, sales targets and production goals.

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