6 Things to Know Before You Hit The Big 3-0

Things to Learn before Your big 3-0

Our 20s are the best time to explore and try a lot of things. It’s during this time in our life that we find out what works and what doesn’t. This means that when we reach our 30s, we’ll have valuable experiences that’ll guide us when it’s time to make those big life decisions for our relationships, career, and finances.

Here are six important things you need to learn before turning 30.

1. How to Budget

Our 30s is the transition period to being (and having to be) independent. By this time, you should start learning how to budget for an entire year. Your income may be inconsistent but your bills aren’t. Plan around your lean months since you already know when the bills are coming in so they all still get paid.

2. How to Invest

Build long-term wealth that allows you to expand your revenue stream on top of your regular income. There are different ways to invest: 

  • Invest in yourself – Take workshops or weekend classes or get higher education like a Masters degree
  • Real estate – Very little depreciation, if any at all.
  • Stock market – Make use of the technology. If you don’t feel like hiring a broker, look for apps (also called Robo-advisers) that can navigate the market for you. Here are a few stock trading apps to check out.

3. Learn to Cook

Food is the 3rd largest expense after housing and transportation — even more so when you regularly eat out. Learn to cook the food you love. Get recipes for quick-prep or easy one-pot meals when it gets too busy. Again, the Internet makes this all possible.

4. How to Be Critical of Information

Not all sources are equally valid. Question information that you are receiving — and not just with facts on which you agree. Be in a position of questioning everything to make wise decisions for yourself, especially with personal finance. The experience of a financially successful friend may not necessarily apply to you. A wide variety of resources is best.

5. How to Pivot Your Life

You don’t have to stay on a path that you felt was right five or ten years ago. It’s okay to decide that you don’t want something anymore — a job, a personal goal, a relationship. Make sure your finances are adjusted when you decide to pivot. You will want different things at different stages of your life.

6. Run Your Own Race

Social media makes us prone to comparing our lives with our peers. Keep your eyes on your paper. Focus on where you want to go and if that destination feels good for YOU. What do you want your life to look like? Plan for that vision.


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