Leveraging: The Super Easy Way To Buy A New Real Estate Property

The easiest way to buy a house in the Philippines

Have you ever noticed how some people you know suddenly have a series of properties? Parang ang dami nilang pera para mamili ng mga bahay at lupa? We’ll share with you their secret: leveraging.

Actually, hindi mahirap intindihin ang concept na to. It’s when you buy a new real estate property by “leveraging” the one you currently own. Ang mga properties kasi, meron yang value tulad ng pera. So instead of waiting for your money to grow so you can afford a new property, you can use your current property instead na parang pera.

Paano? Just go to any bank or financing company and say: “I want to take a collateral loan using my own property.” They’ll assess your asset and lend you money so you can add that sa funds mo to buy a new property. Diba? Mas madali mong maa-afford at mapaparami ang mga properties mo.

Anong types of real estate property ang pwedeng gamitin na collateral:

  • Bakanteng lote
  • Condo unit
  • Commercial lot or building
  • House and Lot (yes, kahit yung bahay mo ngayon!)

Ito pa ang SMART TIP diyan: make your property work for you! Pwede mong ipa-renta alinman sa property mo: yung current or yung kabibili mo pa lang. Kung masipag ka pa, pwede mong tayuan ng business yung property mo. The income could help you pay for your loan–kumikita ka na, di mo pa problema ang pambayad ng loan mo!

In short, instead of just letting your own property just sit there, leverage on it to grow your assets or your business. 

Simple lang naman to figure out kung pwede ba ang property mo as collateral. What lenders usually look at:

  • If the title is clean (meaning, maayos ang documents ng property)
  • You have other outstanding loans
  • You’re employed
  • You have other sources of income (Kunwari, side hustle on top of your regular salary)

So don’t wait for your property to age! Leverage!

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You may also be asking, “Paano mapapataas ang value ng real estate property in case may plan ka to sell or use it for other investments?” Well, we have a blog to answer that question! 

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