From Tricycle Driver to Trucking Business Owner: The Avanzados


At the height of the afternoon sun, Edwin Avanzado would be perched on his tricycle waiting for passengers. If it was a lucky day, a familiar face would call on him to ask for his mechanic skills to fix a bogged-down truck. He took the job knowing that it was much-needed money for the day’s meal for the family. 

After a long day of work, he’d come home to a cramped rented house–daydreaming of a better life for his wife and kids.

From Tricycle Driver To Trucking Business Owner: The Avanzados - First Standard


This was 12 years ago.


Now, Edwin, and his wife Edna, are proud owners of a trucking company that operates a fleet vehicles.

“Everything changed when someone suggested I look for First Standard,” Avanzado said in Visayan. 

Watch the video below to know all about their inspiring story:


He took a financing loan to secure his first 10-wheeler truck. Add that to all the money he was able to scrimp and save as a tricycle driver and mechanic and he was able to start a small hauling business. 

They were the stepping stone to a better life for me and my family,” Edna said.

The Avanzados now live in a three-story house in a high-end subdivision. The couple was also able to finance their kids’ education through college. 

If he was driving a tricycle before, he now has multiple cars to choose from whenever he wants to take his family around.


While they own various properties including the vast expanse of his hauling headquarters, the family chose to continue renting their old house out of sentimentality, but more importantly, to always remember their humble beginnings.

I never thought we’d get to this point where we can experience a good life,” Avanzado added. “We are really thankful to First Standard and the trust they gave us.”

The inspiring story of the Avanzados proves that the number of wheels on the vehicle you’re driving won’t matter if you don’t have a clear destination for a better life. 

With determination, hard work, courage, and the right partner, anyone can drive their way to success.

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