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Many know him as a multi-hyphenated host but Sam YG is also an accomplished entrepreneur. In between providing his signature wit in shows and events, he worked on creating smart investments from which he’s now slowly reaping the benefits.

But even for Sam, making the leapreneur was no joke. “It’s not gonna be easy. Sometimes even if you have the vision, getting started is the hardest part. Kaya nga it’s important to make the smart move.”


The Smart Move For Sam Yg, The Entrepreneur - First Standard

“I’m thankful I’ve been blessed with a great career,” he started in an interview. “But we all know there’s always an indefinite deadline for careers in entertainment. I always say, ‘you’re only as good as your last show’. So, I keep on reinventing and honing my hosting. But, I also know I have to plan for my future beyond it.”

Sam started making investments at a very young age. “I was only 23 then. Tapos, nagsimula lang ako with 12,000 pesos.” After learning more about finances, he was able to grow this investment enough to purchase a condominium unit. “But I didn’t live there. I had it renovated and designed, tapos pina-rent ko. Stable income.”

This business sense of his made Sam YG a perfect fit for First Standard’s #TheSmartMove campaign, educating Filipinos about having a healthy attitude towards debts and finances. “I’m excited to be a part of this and share the financial knowledge I have from experience. I had to learn it the hard way, through mistakes, trial and error. Hopefully, these tips will give others a head start in their own financial journey.”

Sam revealed that he used insights he had learned from his hosting career and applied them to thrive as an entrepreneur. “Marami silang similarities. My career as a host is also a business. So, I had a plan for it–there’s a business model. I think of my USP (unique selling proposition) na para may branding ka rin.”

Like many businesses who were affected during the pandemic, events hosting suffered due to health restrictions. “Siyempre, walang mass gatherings. So like a business, I was also challenged to pivot. Hindi pwedeng bahala na. As a host or entrepreneur, every transaction counts and you have to make the most out of it.”


First Standard - Sam Yg Brand Ambassador

The award-winning financing company is launching an online series with him called “Sam Why Tips” which wittily chronicles Sam’s personal tips on finances. I wanna thank First Standard for the trust to be their first brand ambassador. I’ve said this before when I talk about finances: one thing we lack in the Philippines is proper financial education. We have accounting and finance classes, pero yung tamang paggamit ng pera or yung proper way of saving or how to grow your money, di yan natuturo sa school. And it’s always been an advocacy of mine.”

In this latest venture, he bared a different side to him–an entrepreneur–but still with touches of his same iconic humor. “Siyempre, dapat funny pa rin. May tatak Sam YG pa rin,” he added.

One of the tips he shared on the series is his own experience with loans. “For example, parte na ng buhay ang utang. Even big businesses all have liabilities and they use these to expand their business. So, on a personal level, if you use debts in a smart way, you would be able to grow your finances and not worry about overdue.”

“That’s always part of my personal planning–how can I prepare for my future finances. Siyempre, di natin alam until when we can earn from or careers. There are a lot of ways to create income streams and value for yourself, but sometimes we just don’t know how or we’re afraid to take the risk,” he continued.



The Smart Move For Sam Yg, The Entrepreneur - First Standard

By 30, Sam was able to put up a restaurant with a few partners. “It didn’t happen overnight. Yung investment ko noon, yung kita mula doon, diretso to another investment. The income I earned from my first condo, that went to financing a second condo. Pina-rent ko rin yun. So, it’s one investment move after another. It’s only now that I can say I’m enjoying the benefits of those investments.” He’s currently in the middle of building his first own house.

As his advocacy, financial freedom for Sam meant more than just having the finances. “Masaya ang feeling when you have money, di ba? But making money is the challenge. That’s why I always stress that you really have to make a financial plan–save properly, invest properly. It’s one thing to work hard and it’s another thing to work smart. Are you working for your money or is your money working for you?”

More than anything else, he believes any starting entrepreneur should have one thing. “I realize you have to have a big heart. It’s not necessary that you have all the funding to start your business–First Standard can help you with that. But what’s necessary is to have a big heart to face challenges dahil for sure meron yan. Kailangan ng lakas ng loob.”

Being part of #TheSmartMove campaign is a fresh welcome for Sam. “For me, ‘the smart move’ means knowing who to partner with to accomplish a goal. Kunwari, I could have done this series on my own but partnering with First Standard gives both of us a better platform to share these financial tips. Whether we can do it ourselves or not, it’s always better to have someone to help us along the way. Totoo yun, there’s always a better way–a Smart Move.”


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